In growing Flowerwell Farm, we have learned so much and we want to share that! Read our gardening articles to get some helpful tips, find out some of our favorite varieties, and look at some really pretty flowers. 


More tulips please

I splurge on tulips every year because come spring, after our long, dreary winter, I crave seeing those bright stems liven up my gardens. 

Four secrets to cutting fresh flowers

I am a believe in always having flowers in your home when possible, especially during good weather months before gloom and gray of winter hits. 



Maybe I am jumping the gun a bit, but planting “spring bulbs” can easily become one of those tasks that never quite makes it to your “fall” to-do list.

How to win the battle against weeds

It’s that time of year, when you have potted up all of your annuals and given your perennial bed a clean sweep of old leaves. 

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About those dahlias

While I know Rochester is home to some tried-and-true dahlia lovers, some home gardeners are less familiar with this exquisite flowering plant.

filling in your garden's bald spots

All gardeners have that moment when they look at a certain area in their garden and it just isn’t filling out like they had wanted