New this year we have partnered with one of our favorite fruit & vegetable farms, Kirby’s, to launch a Flower CSA! Flowerwell will offer a weekly and bi-weekly CSA of premium, sustainably-grown flowers.

CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

You (The Community) play a MAJOR role in keeping small farms alive. Purchasing a CSA “share” means that you are choosing to support small farms like ourselves and Kirby’s throughout the season. Your purchase of our CSA share helps us fund our farm season and you are rewarded with our bountiful crops! So basically win, win. Always remember, No Farms, No Food, + No Super Beautiful Flowers that aren’t covered in formaldehyde, horrific chemicals, artificial scents, and 3 months old. That’s the saying right?

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If nothing brings you joy like fresh flowers to brighten up your week, our cut flower CSA provided by Flowerwell is perfect for you. On either a weekly or bi-weekly basis you will receive a beautiful bouquet of locally and sustainably grown heirloom flowers ready to be enjoyed. Bouquets will come wrapped in an Eco Fresh Wrap to keep the blooms hydrated without the mess, making pick-up and transport a breeze. Your flowers will be the freshest possible as they will be harvested from Flowerwell the day before you pick them up. The best thing about flowers is the joy they spread to others. Consider sharing your flower CSA with a friend or opting for a bucket share to pass around the flower love even further. Locations and days of pick-up are plentiful! Remember friends, a Flower CSA makes a gift that lasts the season! What is better than that?

If you are giving the Flower CSA as a gift, we will mail out a Gift Certificate with information on the CSA for you!

After purchasing your gift certificate, you will receive a confirmation email with a gift code for the lucky recipient to use when they sign up for their share.  Forward this email to Jenny Rae of Flowerwell (, and she'll send a cute paper gift certificate and CSA information to the gift recipient.
Be sure to include the recipient's FULL name & FULL mailing address. If there is a date that you would like the gift certificate send by please let us know!

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Flower Bouquet Share July-august

Every week (or every-other if you choose bi-weekly), we frolic through our fields of blooms to harvest and hand-create a STUNNING + LUSH garden bouquet just for you! Each week will be a unique batch of blooms as we roll through the season, all beautiful, all local. We take a lot of pride in growing and designing with our flowers and we promise you that these bouquets will be like none other. Fresh as can be, they will brighten up your home and bring a smile to whomever you share them with (lucky them!)

Weekly (8 Weeks, 8 Bouquets) $165+ tax
Bi-weekly (4 Weeks, 4 Bouquets) $85+ tax

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Fall Dahlia Share September

DAHLIASSSSSSS! Our dahlias are the highlight of the season. They stop folks in their tracks. Literally. We grow over 1,300 of most unique, specialty dahlias you can find. Each week your bouquet will be LOADED with our dahlias and other blooms from our farm. Trust me when I say you won’t want dahlia season to end. Grab up these beauties while you can!

Weekly (4 Weeks, 4 Bouquets) $100+ tax

Discount for Bi-weekly Bouquet share + Fall Dahlia Share = 5%
Discount for Weekly Bouquet Share + Fall Dahlia Share = 10%


More information can be found on Kirby’s CSA Website & our FAQ section! Scroll to the CSA FAQ.
Reach out via email if you have any additional questions!