Farm & Flowers FAQ


Do you have a shop?

Flowerwell does not have a shop or a retail location. We design out of a private studio and offer our flowers at various outlets throughout our season.

what is the size of your farm?

Our farm expands each year, but currently we are growing on about an acre and a half.

Who takes your photos?

Lindsay Stephany Photography is the creative genius behind many of our farm photos!

Can i use your photos?

Flowerwell LLC retains the legal copyright and ownership of these images. It is illegal to crop, modify, scan, and reproduce artwork in any manner without our written permission. The federal copyright law protects copyright of these images. When using images on the internet or any social media sites, proper credits with link backs must be included on every image.

Please do not take any images from our blog, website or social media channels without permission. Thank you!

Can we have our photo session at your farm?

Due to our full schedule and the limitations of our rented land, we limit our photo sessions to working with Lindsay Stephany Photography. These photo sessions are planned in advanced. If you are interested, please reach out to Lindsay.

Is your farm open to the public?

Due to our busy schedule during flower season, we can not accommodate visitors to the farm. While our farm is filled with beautiful flowers, it is a farm and not a garden. We grow our flowers to be cut and used, which is quite different than the purpose of a garden. If you do have the itch to see a beautiful garden, we recommend checking out Sara’s Garden & Nursery, Sonnenburg Gardens, Maplewood Rose Garden, and Linwoods Garden.

Do you deliver flowers?

If we have availability, we would be more than happy to deliver a flower arrangement for you. Please reach out through our contact form or purchase through our shop if that is available!

I’m interested in learning about flower farming and/or designing. Can I meet with you?

Jenny Rae teaches fun design workshops to the public at the Rochester Brainery throughout the year. Private consultations and floral design workshops are available for flower enthusiasts, gardeners, and folks interested in flower farming. Farming consultations are available only to those outside of 175 miles from Rochester, NY.

Will you be hosting any on-farm workshops?

We currently do not have any scheduled however this is in the works for 2020.


What do I get in my flower CSA/ “share”?

The bouquet share consists of one lovely, lush, hand-tied bouquet designed by the Flowerwell team featuring our beautiful, heirloom flowers. Members simply fill a vase at home with fresh water, snip the ends of the flower stems, and place the bouquet in the vase for a beautiful addition to their home or office.

When does the flower CSA begin?

Our Summer Flower Share is from July through August, 8 weeks or 4 weeks if you do a bi-weekly share. Our Dahlia share is all September (4 weeks).

What will my flower share be packed in?

Flower bouquet shares will be wrapped in kraft paper sleeves with a wet, Eco Fresh Wrap and a compostable plastic sleeve at the bottom. The wet Eco Fresh Wrap will keep your flowers hydrated until you can get them home to place in water and the compostable plastic sleeve will keep water from getting on you or in your car. This makes transporting your bouquet a breeze and will keep them fresh and happy until you can enjoy them!

Will the bouquets be different every week?

Our aim is to deliver unique bouquets jam-packed with our heirloom blooms - some you may have never even seen before! Each week we will surprise you with new combinations of flowers, fillers, foliage and grasses. You know how some surprises are bad? This one certainly ISN’T.

how long will my flowers live?

This is a tricky question. Some flower varieties last longer than others. But some are so pretty we still want to enjoy them for the few days they supply us with their beauty! On average, your bouquet should last you 3-5 days if not more. When certain blooms become wilty, just pluck them out and continue enjoying your bouquet.

Where + When do I pick up my share?

Pick-up locations include Kirby’s Farm Market, Ogden, at Christian Community Church, Rochester Public Market, and a selection of companies in Rochester. Each pick-up location has its own day for pick-up. You will pick your pickup location & corresponding date upon check-out via Kirby’s website.

How do I take care of my flowers?

What a brilliant question! Here are the tips + tricks to live by:
1. When you are ready to put your bouquet in water, snip 1/4 inch off of the ends of your flowers with sharp scissors.
2. Place your flowers in a CLEAN vase with cold water. Dirty vases will cause the flowers to deteriorate quicker.
3. Remove any leaves that will end up in the water. They will dirty the water fast!
4. Place your vase of flowers in a place out of direct sunlight! But they look so good in the kitchen window… and they grow in the sun… No. Cut Flowers should never be placed in a hot, sunny spot. Just like fruit, they will spoil far faster in the sun.
5. Compost your flowers when they are done. Give them back to the earth as opposed to filling landfills!

What if I forget to pick up my share or I’m on vacation?

You can switch pickup days within the same week, as long as you give Kirby’s at least seven days notice. Our week starts Sunday and ends Saturday. For example if you normally pickup on Thursday at Public Market, you can switch your pickup day to the previous Tuesday or the following Saturday, and pick up your share at the farm market.
You can arrange with someone (friend or relative) to pick up your box anytime you are on vacation (that lucky dog sitter!).
We do not offer credits for weeks missed, so don’t snooze (or at least if you do, text a friend to share it with them).

What flowers will be in my CSA share?

Here at Flowerwell we grow hundreds of different varieties of flowers. The beauty of the CSA share is that you get to enjoy our blooms as they come into season each week.  As Mother Nature goes by her own schedule, we cannot predict what specific flowers will be available each week. What we can promise is that your flower share will contain a truly unique assortment of beautiful local blooms that we grew just for you to enjoy.  Flower varieties and colors will vary from week to week.

When can I sign up?

Sign up is open! Summer Flower bouquet share will close once the share begins (first week of July), but the Dahlia share will remain open until that begins (or is sold out!)

where do I purchase the Flower share?

Via Kirby’s CSA Website or at Kirby’s Farm Market!
Address9739 W Ridge Rd, Brockport, NY 14420

CAn I give the flower csa as a gift?

Yes! Not that we are biased, but we think the gift of flowers (and food!) is one of the best gifts you can give. Just think, instead of giving one bouquet, you are giving them a season of bouquets! This is an amazing gift AND we will do the work for you by sending a gift certificate in the mail with information on the CSA. How much better can it get?

Purchase a Gift Flower CSA Share HERE

After purchasing your gift certificate, you will receive a confirmation email with a gift code for the lucky recipient to use when they sign up for their share.  Forward this email to Jenny Rae of Flowerwell (, and she'll send a cute paper gift certificate and CSA information to the gift recipient.
Be sure to include the recipient's FULL name & FULL mailing address. If there is a date that you would like the gift certificate send by please let us know!

How do I redeem my Flower CSA GIft Share?

Head to, select the Flower Share(s) that you have been gifted + add to cart. Choose any additional CSA shares that you would like to purchase at this point. Select the Pick-Up Location of your choosing with the corresponding day of the week.
Apply the Redemption Code (find on your gift certificate) at Checkout. Create an Account at Checkout and place your order! 

Is there a discount if I sign up for both the Summer Bouquet Share and the Dahlia share?

You know it pal! We love how much you love flowers.
Discount for Bi-weekly share + Fall Share 5%
Discount for weekly share + Fall Share 10%

Can I sign up for a flower share and a share with Kirby’s?

Most definitely! We highly encourage you to take advance of the bountiful fruit and vegetable CSA with Kirby’s in addition to the Flower CSA. Talk about swimming in locally grown goodness!

How do you communicate with CSA members?

As our CSA is run through Kirby’s, they are the best bet to touch base with first. Email is the most efficient way for them to communicate with members. Please make sure Kirby’s always have a current email address for you. If you have any problems or questions during the season, you can always contact us at – or call us at (585) 637-2600.