Wedding Flowers FAQs


What does field-to-vase mean?

Just like you have heard of farm-to-table for the local food movement, field-to-vase refers to the local flower movement. We are bringing you wedding flowers that are fresh from the farm (and not from a box / or Equador!). If you prefer to know where your food is coming from, why wouldn’t you want to know where your flowers are coming from?

What is your style?

We approach our floral design with a focus on color, movement, and a modern, gardenesque feel that is inspired by nature. Floral design can be much more than round mounds of roses and cookie cutter arrangements from a catalog. Our goal is for you and your guests to have a one of a kind floral experience with our organic designs and unique flower varieties.

How are your flowers and designs different?

The foundation to our floral designs are the flowers that we grow on the farm. Most often the varieties and types of flowers that we grow are not available to traditional florists. We search the globe high and low to find stunning varieties in the most unique color shades. Our combinations of flowers, herbs, vines, and foliage are a feast for the senses and result in a design that is incredibly unique.

What flowers are available for my wedding day?

Too many to list! We grow an entire farm dedicated to flowers specifically for our weddings. Can you imagine how many flowers that is!? (Hint: over 12,000) Head on over to our Farm page where you can find what we have in bloom by the season.

Are you a good fit for what I am looking for?

This is a really important question. We want to bring your flower dreams to life for your wedding day. If we feel that your style or floral requests don’t quite fit what we do, we are more than happy to recommend other florists that may be a better fit. We recommend reading through our website, looking at our Portfolio, and following us on Instagram to get a good feel for our flowers and style.


Full-service weddings have a minimum of $3,000 and include set-up, delivery and an option for breakdown. A la carte weddings have a minimum of $600 but do not have an option for delivery. Bulk flowers or DIY flowers are an option for a la carte. Floral items such as arches, installations, tall arrangements, compote arrangements, etc. are only available for full-service weddings. We are happy to discuss with you which option will work best for your needs.


We tend to book the majority of our weddings from September- March each year. A good rule of thumb is to inquire about your wedding flowers a minimum of 6-9 months before your wedding depending on your floral needs. If you are interested in full-service wedding floral design, we recommend inquiring earlier rather than later as we typically only take one full-service wedding per day.


Yes! We really enjoy being a part of the conversation and construction of your creative floral vision. This can involve everything from your color palette, style, to ceremony and reception ideas. Don’t feel the need to have all the answers. Keeping an open mind can help us provide suggestions based on your venue, ceremony site, season, and personal style.

What is required to reserve my wedding date?

We require a signed contract and a 25% deposit to reserve your date.

Where are you located? Do you travel?

Flowerwell is located on the west side of Rochester, New York. We frequently travel to Buffalo, Rochester, Finger Lakes area, Ithaca, and beyond for weddings. As long as we can travel to your wedding with our flowers, we are happy to accomodate.

Can you recommend other wedding vendors in the area?

Yes! We are more than happy to provide a list of recommended vendors and venues to our wedding clients. We work with some of the most talented, loveliest creatives and we love nothing more than sharing them with you.


DIY Wedding Flowers (Bulk Flowers) FAQs


Yes! Bulk flowers or DIY flowers are available through our a la carte option. You can mix the bulk flowers with other a la carte items or you can just purchase bulk buckets of flowers. Bulk flowers are only available end of June-end of September. Bulk flowers still require advance planning, a contract, and a deposit to reserve your date.

How many stems are in each bulk flower bucket?

A minimum of 70 stems will be in each flower bucket.

Can the bulk flowers be picked up before the event?

Yes! We provide you with a care sheet on how to best take care of the flowers. As these flowers are fresh from the field, they will last until your wedding day as long as you follow the care instructions. We recommend picking up your bulk flowers a few days before your event to give you time to design with them. Pick-up time and date must be discussed and mutually agreed upon between yourself and Flowerwell.

Are bulk flowers available for events other than weddings?

Most certainly! Bulk flowers are a perfect option for showers, parties, and other events. Just keep in mind that bulk flowers are only available late June- end of September.

Are there dahlias in the bulk buckets?

When our dahlias are in season (late Aug- through mid-October), we have upgrades available to our bulk buckets so that you can get your hands on some of our fancier dahlias. Our regular bulk buckets typically come with ball dahlias during dahlia season.

What do I need to provide if I go with bulk buckets?

Flower snips (or sharp scissors), clean vases, and water. Buckets are provided complimentary!

Are the bulk flower buckets fresh?

Yes! We cut your flowers fresh from the field the week of your event. These flowers will be the freshest option you can possibly get.

Can I come to the farm and pick out the flowers?

No. Due to our busy farm and wedding design schedule, advanced planning is required for bulk flower orders.

Are color options available for bulk flowers?

In order to keep our bulk flowers at a budget friendly cost, color palettes or color specificity is not available for DIY flowers. Our Grower’s Choice buckets will include a mix of colors. That being said, we grow specifically for weddings and for popular color palettes. If you want your personal flowers (bouquets, bouts, corsages) to be within a color palette, we recommend you go with a la carte for those items or set aside those colors from your buckets when you initially get them.

Do I have control over what flowers will be in the bulk buckets?

Our bulk flowers are “Grower’s Choice”. Simply put, each bucket includes 70 stems of the beautiful flowers and fillers that we have in bloom that week. This flexibility allows us to provide you a budget friendly option for high quality, local flowers.

Do you offer a bucket for additional greenery & fillers?

Yes! We do offer a bucket of greens and fillers as an additional option. This bucket often includes herbs, foliage, grasses and other fillers that we are growing on the farm. Please note that these greens should still be placed in water (not ideal for laying on the table like garland).