Thank you for your interest in supporting local flowers!

To begin with, we greatly appreciate your business and being able to provide you with our beautiful local blooms.  On our farm, we grow a vast amount of flowers, putting a large focus on blooms for the wedding market.  As a floral design company ourselves, we understand your needs when it comes to wedding flowers and color palettes. We strive to provide you with some of the most unique and sought after blooms while maintaining the highest quality and freshness.  Our flower season begins in April and ends late October. Please expect seasonal flowers. 

To get set up with us and to receive wholesale pricing, we will need your Certificate of Authority on file as well as a few forms filled out.

Please e-mail us at
Once we have all of your information, we will add you to our weekly florist newsletter that will list Availability + Pricing.

If you are local to the Western, NY area, you will be added to our weekly availability list that goes out via e-mail on Thursdays or Fridays. This newsletter provides more details, colors, and pricing of flowers that will be available for the following week.  We want to make our flowers more available to you, so we've laid out how our ordering system works below.  If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to email us. 

If you are traveling and looking for flowers for an event in our area, please e-mail us with the date of your event and we can project flower availability.

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How to order from Flowerwell if you are on our weekly delivery route (on Wednesdays in the Rochester area):

1. You can respond to the weekly availability newsletter sent out. 

2. You can e-mail us directly at

***PLEASE have orders in by Tuesday AM for Wednesday delivery so we can properly plan our harvest. ***
There is a $150 min per delivery IF you need your delivery on Monday or Tuesday instead of Wednesday.
$12 Delivery Charge

Pick-up at the farm is also available on most Tuesdays AM and Wednesdays AM. Our farm is located in Brockport, NY, not far from Rt. 19 and 31A.  Let us know ahead of time your estimated pickup time. 

How to order from Flowerwell if you are outside of the Rochester area: 

1. Let us know where you are coming from/ traveling through so we can find a place to meet you for flower delivery (Batavia for Buffalo orders, downtown Rochester for Syracuse orders, etc.). 

2. Respond to the weekly newsletter with your order or e-mail us directly. 

We may be able to accommodate larger orders at a further distance depending on our schedule. Please contact us with the above details and your flower budget. 

We are trialing shipping our flowers for 2019! Please e-mail us if this is of interest to you.

How to pre-order for events or future needs:

If you are pre-ordering, please send your order or wishlist via e-mail. If you need some guidance distinguishing colors or looking for suggestions to fit your client's style, please send your color palette and/or inspiration photos and we would be happy to help.  We do our best to predict our floral availability for the future but cannot give our absolute guarantee for specific flowers due to factors out of our control. Since Mother Nature is our boss, we have to work with what she gives us. Often there are some unique options that don't make it to our weekly availability list, so please let us know if you are looking for something interesting or less uniform. We are also happy to take suggestions for future growing. 


You will be invoiced via e-mail (Quickbooks) once your order has been delivered/picked-up. Payments must be made within 30 days of the invoice date. Payments can be made with a check or through electronic bank transfer (Quickbooks).  Your timely payment will help us to continue growing beautiful blooms for you to enjoy.